Pergolas – Perfect for Outdoor Living

Pergolas allow you to add both function and fashion to an outdoor space. They provide shade from the heat of the sun and can extend the time you can spend outdoors. Best of all, they also add an architectural detail and can visually frame living spaces, dining spaces, or outdoor areas.

Deckmasters offers low maintenance aluminum pergolas in four colors, four end cuts, multiple column profiles and heights, customizable spacings, structural double beams, full 3” x 8” rafters and beams, hidden brackets/fasteners, full 2” x 2” lattice and more. Above all, Deckmasters has gone one step further and engineered better pergola system designed to with the prairie winds in mind and so pioneered the Great Plains Pergolas brand.

Great Plains Pergolas

Having constructed hundreds of pergolas from wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum; Deckmasters has innovated the component design and construction process for Aluminum Pergolas.

Considering a Custom Pergola?

Come to visit our showroom in Fargo to see multiple pergolas in various styles, colors, and details. Above all, the Deckmasters team can help you determine the appropriate height, width, and depth of the perfect pergola for your backyard. With a custom designed aluminum pergola, you can choose your pergola’s color and end cuts (corbel, scallop, bevel, or miter), spacings, size, and much more.

Custom pergolas allow you to create the best design for your home. Deckmasters will provide you with multiple column options such as square, round, fluted, smooth, and paneled. Furthermore, with decades of experience, you can rest assured that our designers will help you make the best design decisions for your custom pergola.

Choose to be in the sun or shade with a louvered pergola by Deckmasters. A louvered pergola allows you to spend time outside even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

First, with a motorized louvered pergola, you are able to control mother nature’s effect on your outdoor getaway.

Also, let more light in with louvers completely open or filter the heat and harshness of the afternoon sun.

Finally, you can also completely close them to give your space a cool, shaded and protected environment.

Pergola Kits by Great Plains Pergolas For contractors or DIY homeowners, Deckmasters offers custom pergola kits which include all assembly items and assembly instructions.

Each pergola kit includes:

  • A fully transferable lifetime warranty
  • Industrial mounting brackets
  • Dupont™ Teflon enamel finish
  • Full 3” x 8” rafters
  • Full 3” x 8” beams
  • Optional steel beam inserts
  • 4 end cuts
  • Heat resistant
  • Embossed wood grain
  • Reinforced rafter brackets
  • 2”x 2” full lattice for shade
  • Screws with neoprene washers