Custom Builds
Deckmasters is a full design-build company.  We can custom design a deck that suits your home layout, with your wants and needs in mind.  We design decks based off of spacial usage, traffic flow, and layouts of your home.

  • Complete design-build process
  • Custom sizes and layouts
  • Showroom design consultation
  • 32+ low-maintenance decking colors
  • 7+ railing options


Stock Build
Deckmasters has put together stock deck plans and options to allow for quick, easy, and budget friendly installations.  Stock builds are designed to make it easy for homeowners to pick from narrowed selections and designs with the same end results as a custom build.

  • Complete design-build process
  • Stock sizes and layouts
  • Showroom design consultation
  • 6+ low-maintenance decking colors
  • 2+ railing options

Material Supply
Deckmasters is a fully stocked specialty lumberyard.  We offer the top three brands of decking in the market.  With 17 stock colors, there is no wait with many options.  Special order colors and products are generally available next day.

  • Aluminum Railing, Composite, & Cable Railing
  • #1 Southern Yellow Pine, Kiln Dried Treated
  • Fasteners, carriage bolts, ledger lags, hangers
  • Specialty screws & nails

Know the Basic Terms of our sales before you buy.  

  1. Check your order Line by Line
    Deckmasters works hard to get things right, however, we cannot guarantee that you will use the material as we intended it and cannot predict site variations that can change the way a project gets built and materials used. Before you purchase your product, review the items line by line, ensure the materials meet your needs and make corrections prior to ordering.  Purchased products set up for delivery are subject to a delivery fee each time something is sent out; double check you have everything the first time.  Deckmasters is not responsible for incorrectly figuring a project resulting in shorted material.

  2. Not everything is returnable
    Special Order:  Look at your order, any item with S.O. means it is special order and non-returnable.  This also means lead times are longer on a product which can delay a job if short or product is miss-cut.
    Discontinue: Look at your order, any item with Disc. means it is discontinued and is non-returnable; all sales are final.
    Overage:  If more than 5% of your project is returned, all returns will be subject to a 25% return fee.  We encourage tight material figuring to ensure product is not abused, damaged or miss-handled in transportation etc.
    30/60/90: All material returned after 30 days will be subject to a 10% restock fee; materials returned after 60 days will be subject to a 20% restock fee; all materials attempted to return after 90 days is non-returnable.

    Damaged or Weathered Product: Any product that is damaged, weathered, bowed, twisted, warped, dirty, wet or outside of "original condition" will be non-returnable.
  3. Cuts & Modifications
    Deckmasters will modify deck boards, fascia, risers, and treated lumber for a $1.00 per cut fee.  By completing the transaction (payment), you accept ownership of the product and the risk that comes with the cutting of each piece of material.  Deckmasters is not responsible for any miss-cut material.  If miss-cuts occur, you are responsible for the purchase of additional product to be cut to size.  Deckmasters will ONLY cut material to the nearest inch.  Once a board is cut it is non-returnable, even if short lengths of material are within the cut off differences.

  4. Treated & Dimensional Lumber
    Lumber is a natural occurring product. It drys, swells, bows, twists, warps and cracks with differing humidity and temperature levels.  Deckmasters is not responsible for the replacement of these boards and will not issue credit for lumber that has been exposed to the environment and dried, swelled, bowed, twisted, warped or cracked.

  5. Product Perfection
    Deckmasters makes the best effort to ensure all product that leaves our lumberyard goes out and meets or exceeds the industry standard for merchantable (fit for ordinary purpose) products

  6. Delivery
    Time Frame: Deckmasters does not promise a specified delivery time.  We will schedule for a morning or afternoon delivery on a specific day with a four hour time frame.  In this time frame we will contact you via your listed phone number on the delivery ticket 30 minutes prior to making the delivery.
    Driveway Drop Off: Delivery is driveway drop.  Back yard delivery can be made with prior arrangements and an additional $300.  If back yard delivery is requested, you will need to provide one body to help carry to the back of the house.
    Concrete: If concrete is included in the delivery materials and no one is there to unload the product to an enclosed, Deckmasters is not responsible if this concrete gets wet and cures in the bag.

  7. Will Call
    If materials are picked up at Deckmasters warehouse, our staff will often help load materials on or into your vehicle in the safest manner possible.  Deckmasters will assume ZERO responsibility for the way of which it is instructed to be loaded on to or into, nor will it assume responsibility for ensuring the material is safely secured to the mode of transportation.  

    When you direct our employees in a specific manner in which to load the material, you are taking complete responsibility for any damage that may occur during the loading, unloading and securing of materials to both the materials and the mode of transpiration in which it is being taken.

    Ensuring all materials on the pick slip match what is loaded is your responsibility.  Deckmasters will make any corrections to a miss-loaded order at our warehouse only.  Upon request, we can deliver the missing items to you for our normal delivery rate.  

  8. Payment
    Payment is due in full before delivery, pick up or special ordering of any material.  If you have pre-paid for product and it is unavailable, a full refund will be issued.

  9. Invoices
    Your invoices will act as the binding agreement between Deckmasters and you; it trumps any written or verbal communications between the two parties.  If there is any discrepancy between a written or verbal communication and your invoice, the invoice will take precedence.  By completing the transaction (payment), you accept these Terms of Sale.