Deckmasters’ outdoor cabanas are designed for many spaces. Besides sizes, available stylings, are endless. Meaning you can customize your backyard cabana to match your home. With increasing popularity, homeowners want to create intimate outdoor gathering areas. Many cabanas are used for:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Hot tubs
  • Outdoor living rooms
  • Pool escapes
  • Outdoor beds
  • Dining spaces
  • Media rooms

When designed over an outdoor kitchen or hot tub, consider adding a cupola to help ventilate. Likewise, consider running electricity for can lights, ceiling fans, and infrared heaters. When added near a pool, consider a changing room or storage lockers.


Cabana designs can vary from traditional columns and roof structures to sleek contemporary lines, becoming the focal point of space. Additionally, there are endless design options. While many start open on all four sides, some homeowners want one or more walls for privacy.  Add drop shades or screens to extend the use throughout the different seasons

Start the design process by defining your space. Move onto choosing the roof style. Gable, Hip, A frame, and more.  Proceed to selecting your materials.  Many opt to utilize low maintenance products.  Most low maintenance cabanas include aluminum columns, and PVC trim.  When choosing roofing materials, it is best to match your homes existing roofing.  Next, choose how to finish off the underside.  With this in mind, consider lighting, heating, or sound systems. Finally, consider adding drop down screens or shades.